Nov 5, 2013

Giving Thanks

November is the perfect month to teach your children about Gratitude. I'm sure you know that even as adults sometimes we can focus on what's going wrong instead of focusing on our blessings. Start a list of what your family members are thankful for and add to it every day this month. This is a great dinner time activity while you're all gathered around the table together. Is that a dream for your family, are you constantly running your kids from place to place and you're lucky to have dinner? Then put a list in the family vehicle and add to it every day while you're running the kids to their different events. It's so important to teach our children to be thankful for everything, especially in our "entitlement" society. I made this gratitude placemat for our family through Heritage Makers. These come with a UV coating on them, so you can write on them with dry erase markers (you can do the same thing if you laminate placemats that you and the kids make). The kids can just write something on their placemat that they're thankful for.

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